electric sheep - self explainatory (this is what computers are really made for)

utorrent - bittorrent client
shareaza - edonkey2000, Gnutella, Gnutella2, bittorrent

k-lite codec pack full (includes mediaplayer classic) - Video codeces
VLC media player - crude but efficent video player

Thunderbird - email client

RSSbandit - RSS/Atom reader
Mesnews - News reader

Audacity - sound editor
Avidemux - simple video editor
KVIrc - irc client
Pidgin - multiprotocol chat

firefox 8 - web browser
Opera - web browser
Maxthon- web browser
google chrome - web browser

Gimp- drawing application
sketshup - 3d drawing application
picassa- image organizer
irfanview - image viewer

NVU - html editor
textpad - text editor
notepad+ - text editor
adobe reader - pdf reader
ghostscript - pdf/postscript reader

WinSCP - SFTP/SCP/FTP client
coreftp light - FTP client

Infrarecorder - CD/DVD burner.

flux - desktop sunset
Google earth - earth viewer

HTttrack - webarchiver

highjackthis - software removal
spybot search and destroy - Searches for malicious software.
eusing free registery cleaner - registery clean up
cccleaner - temp file cleaner
revo uninstaller - uninstall applicatons

SIW shareware version - system analyser
Everest - (older) system analiyser
CPUID - cpu identification

winrar - file compression/decompression
find and run robot - desktop search
slickrun - command line application launcer

Sequoia View - graphical disk space usage analyser
file renamer basic - rename files

ultra VNC - remote desktop access
Synergy - Use multiple conputers with same keyboard/mouse
WinCDEmu - CD/DVD/BD emulator
Virtualbox - Virtual machine

Ninite - Application updater